Joan Rivers visits The Evolution Store-part two.

Joan Rivers visits The Evolution Store!

“Dog Days of Fashion Week”

Joan and Melissa: Joan knows Best?

The Rivers’ beloved Pekingese dog, Max, passes away. The weight of the loss propels Joan into uncharacteristic behavior. Melissa faces the man who betrayed her. 

Waterbuck Mounted Horns.

"As the weather turns, our wanderlust heightens. From Alberta Ferretti’s South American embroideries to Altuzarra’s Aegean island wardrobe, we’ve seen how fashion has whole-heartedly embraced “vagabond” style. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to the home, Sibella Court, the Australian interior designer and notable nomad, travels the globe searching for inspiration that she can translate into decor. In her latest book, Gypsy, Court takes us through several different destinations—Galápagos, Ecuador, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, Scotland, and Romania—highlighting trends in everything from local architecture to crafts and the natural world. Here, we’ve taken some of her tips on channeling these travel-inspired looks and sourced everything you need to bring a little bit of vagabond glamour into your home.”

Rebecca Stadlen April 11, 2014

"There are so many one-off boutiques and interesting shops to explore downtown. The Evolution Store in SoHo is filled with curiosities: mounted butterflies, crystals, beautiful pieces of malachite. You find all kinds of people in there, and the staff are super-friendly." Jenna Lyons, How to Spend it

Pregnancy Key chain

This Pregnancy Key chain is one of our more unique items. A clear plastic torso carries a tiny, pink rubber fetus, floating in a removable belly sphere.

This Pregnancy Key chain is a unique gift for obstetricians or expectant mothers. It celebrates the beauty of the beginnings of life, while also being quite subversive. All in all, it is a truly weird item.

Alligator Head – Alligator mississippiensis

The American Alligator lives in freshwater swamps and marshes along the Mississippi River. They are typically 3-5ft long. Their diet consists of aquatic insects, fish, frogs, birds, and other small animals. American Alligators are sometimes colloquially referred to as “gators”.

Our Alligator Heads have been expertly preserved. They are coated in a thick varnish, ensuring continued enjoyment for years to come. Their mouths are open, exposing a multitude of razor-sharp teeth.

To Have and To Hold. 

Shell Purses and Malachite Boxes as seen in

Good Things

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